"BRI is committed to manage the bank business by applying the principles of good corporate governance. In order to achieve this, BRI Management is transparently and fair in managing the complaints of violations (Whistleblowing System) from internal and external parties."

Whistleblowing System (WBS) is a tool provided to BRI’s Internal and External Reporters in conveying information on indication of violations in the environment of BRI environment. The indication of violation information will be followed up according to the mechanism determined by the Company.

WBS Policy

BRI has implemented the WBS since 2013 and reviewed the policy in accordance with Letter of BOD of BRI No.S.27-DIR / DKP / 12/2016 dated 30 December 2016 on BRI WBS Policy.

Report Filing

Any indication of violation can be filed as a report through the following:

  1. Written Letter: PO BOX 1895 JKP 10900
  2. SMS: 0811-8200-600
  3. Email: whistleblower@corp.bri.co.id

Indications of reported violations shall include:

  1. Fraud action
  2. Unlawful acts (use of violence against employees or leaders, extortion, drug abuse, sexual harassment, other criminal deeds).
  3. Breach of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the company.
  4. Violation of BRI’s Code of Conduct and potentially violates the GCG principles.
  5. Violation of ethics
  6. Acts that endanger safety and health or endanger corporate security and harm the company.

WBS Dissemination

BRI WBS dissemination has been implemented to Internal Parties (BRI Employees) and External Parties, such as:

  1. WBS policy information to all employees through BRI internal portal.
  2. Poster campaign on WBS information at the Branch Offices, Sub Branch Offices and BRI Units.
  3. Disseminate WBS materials at the in-class training of Employee Development Program pengembangan.
  4. Implement WBS e-learning to all BRI employees.
  5. WBS information through the Bank’s website
  6. Onsite WBS dissemination to Work Units.

Protection of Whistleblowers

BRI provides protection to Whistleblowers in a form of confidentiality of personal data and reported information. Provision of protection is also given to the internal Whistleblowers from any pressure, postponement of promotion, discrimination, dismissal, until physical action.

Complaint Management

The management of WBS is under the President Director and monitored by the BOC through the Audit Committee. The President Director shall establish the WBS Management Unit responsible for managing and following up the indication of infringement report.

Handling and WBS Reporting Mechanisms

Any report submitted through WBS will be followed up through the following mechanisms:

  1. The Reporter shall submit an indication of infringement report through WBS
  2. Report received by the WBS Management Unit.
  3. The WBS Officer will perform the initial verification and analysis of the infringement indication information within 20 working days and then submit it to the WBS Managing Unit Leader.
  4. Checking and ensuring report of indication of violations as per WBS report criteria. Subsequently decided the follow-up of the WBS report to the Investigation Work Unit. If the report does not meet the criteria, then the indication of the violation will not be followed up.
  5. The Investigation Unit investigates the infringement indication information. Subsequently submitting the report on the results of the investigation and recommendation to the WBS Management Unit.
  6. The WBS Management Unit will write to the Authorized Work Unit to follow-up on improvement and sanction on the recommendation of the Investigative Work Unit.
  7. The Authorized Working Unit shall follow up the remedy and sanction to the Reported Party.
  8. The WBS Management Unit monitor the follow-up improvements made by the Authorized Work Unit.
  9. The Authorized Work Unit submit reports on the realization of improvements to the WBS Management Unit.
  10. The WBS Management Unit ensures that follow-up improvements have been adequately undertaken.
  11. WBS Management Unit reports recapitulation and evaluation to the President Director and the Audit Committee on Quarterly basis.

WBS Reporting Mechanisms

WBS Reporting Mechanisms

WBS Report

The number of violation indication reports received during the year 2017 is 65claims. Cumulatively, since the initial implementation of the WBS system until 31 December 2017, the number of indications of violations reported through the WBS means as many as 1,719 reports.

Summary Recapitulation of WBS Reports
Total WBS reports during 2017 were 65 reports with the following details:

Summary Recapitulation of WBS Reports
No Description Total Reports Report Status
Under Process Completed
1 Frauds 16 4 12
2 Legal Breaches 2 0 2
3 SOP Violations 26 7 19
4 Code of Conduct and GCG Violations 16 2 14
5 Ethics Breaches 5 2 3
6 Dangerous Actions 0 0 0
Total 65 15 50

WBS report classification
The received report during 2017 can be categorized by classification, source, inclusion of reporting identity and submission media as follows:

WBS report classification
Period Σ Complaint Sources Whistlelower Identity Media Used
Internal BRI External BRI Yes No SMS Letter Telp/Oval Email
2017 65 45 20 19 46 48 13 2 2

WBS Reports Recent Development
General description of complaint report as of December 31, 2017 compared with the previous 3 years period are as follows:

WBS Reports Recent Development
Year Media Used Status
SMS Letter Telp/Oval Email Open Closed
2015 210 22 6 0 27 210
2016 84 14 1 0 11 88
2017 48 13 2 2 15 50

Sanctions and Follow-up

The follow up on Whistleblowing System report that affirmed as violations will be sanctioned in accordance with the company’s discipline, such as:

  1. Mentoring and oral warning by the supervisor
  2. Administrative sanctions such as Written Warning.
  3. Delay of promotion or demotion
  4. Termination of work relations.