GCG Structure

GCG Structure

GCG Related BRI Policies

Statement of Compliance with BRI Code of Conducts
To apply the Code of Conducts effectively, BRI staff must read and understand the code, and they must sign the “Statement of BRI Staff Compliance with Code of Conduct”.

Management Commitment
Affirmation of BRI’s Management commitment not to accept and/or request gifts in any form for any reason from customers, debtors, business partners or any other third party in the media and Bank BRI’s website.

Conflict of Interest's Annual Disclosure
An adjunct policy of BRI’s Code of Ethics in the form of BRI’s Manual in Settling Conflicts of Interests has been formulated. Therefore, each BRI staff member must make an annual disclosure regarding each year’s conflicts of interests and each working unit must deliver transaction/decision reports containing conflicts of interests every quarter.

Integrity Pact
The publishing of an integrity pact for all of BRI’s partners in goods and/or service provision.

Anti-Fraud strategy
BRI’s anti-fraud strategy is a form of Bank BRI’s commitment to control fraud, by giving zero tolerance to any form of fraud originating from inside or outside of BRI.

Whistleblowing System
BRI's Whistleblowing System /WBS was first initiated in 2009. It aims to create a favorable climate and encourages the reporting of matters that might cause financial and non-financial loses, including those that might damage the organization's image.